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Lighting simulation displaying false colors
An overhead view of a parking lot expansion- shows expected lighting from new LED fixtures.

High Lighting does much more than change only lights, and above is an example of a lighting simulation that we completed recently. In addition to changing the existing eight fixtures to LED, we also are adding two new light poles with two fixtures each. This lighting addition is part of a bigger parking lot expansion project. As part of the project, we needed to confirm that the new fixtures that we are installing would meet desired foot candle ratings, both on the pavement and off of the pavement. Above you will see that we achieved lighting in the parking lot, and low to no lighting off the parking lot. With the simulated information, we can be confident that once we install the parking lot light poles/bases and LED fixtures, that we will accomplish the lighting foot candle goals.

A newly poured parking lot pole base.
A newly poured parking lot pole base.

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