Earlier this month High Lighting Service was given the opportunity to spruce up the track lighting inside the Alex and Marie Manoogian Museum. The previous track lighting was old halogen technology, and many of the fixture mounts had become brittle, so brittle that they had cracked and were hanging from their wires. We decided to turn to Parker Reed Lighting’s track lights, replacing the old fixtures with new architectural, adjustable beam angle LED fixtures. The result was being able to accent the pieces of art and historic relics, while not over lighting the other areas.

New LED track lights help improve the lighting in the carpet room
New LED Track Lights in the Carpet Room

The Parker Reed track lighting fixture worked great. What helped with the install is that the fixture has a “Global Track”, which allows us to rotate between the multiple circuits inside the track. Also making the job easier is the above mentioned beam adjust-ability, going from 25° to 60°. Without the ability to adjust the beam angle, it would have been impossible to use the current track locations, as the light beams would have been too big or too small in most cases.

Close up of the LED track light installed.
Track Light LED fixture installed.

The best part of this job was two fold. One, we were able to install these fixtures quickly, helping to keep our labor cost down. Secondly, we’ve have received great feedback from people who have visited the museum. ——“Great work at a fair price”——

Close up picture of a piece of art with the LED lighting shinning on it.
Piece of Art at the Manoogian Museum.
Another picture of the art/relics with the new LED lighting.
Another picture of the art/relics with the new lighting.
Eddie is installing the new LED fixtures in the carpet room.
Getting the new LED fixtures installed.
Relic clothing gets some new lighting to shine on it.
New lighting on some old clothing.

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